Jozu Photography | Sasha: 6 years old

Sasha: 6 years old

October 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sasha was a dream to photograph. She warmed up to being photographed fast and was so playful and genuine on camera the whole time. She also had lots of outfits picked out for the shoot which was fun. I love a good costume change! And those pink boots. I mean, come on! Do they come in women's 8.5? There are so many photos that I love from this session. Enjoy! 


IMG_7889IMG_7889 IMG_7910IMG_7910 IMG_7949IMG_7949   IMG_7952IMG_7952 IMG_7941IMG_7941 IMG_7976IMG_7976 IMG_7991IMG_7991 IMG_7977IMG_7977 IMG_8019IMG_8019 IMG_8041IMG_8041 IMG_8061IMG_8061 IMG_8083IMG_8083 IMG_8079IMG_8079 IMG_8080IMG_8080 IMG_8091IMG_8091 IMG_8121IMG_8121 IMG_8104IMG_8104 IMG_8144IMG_8144 IMG_8255IMG_8255 IMG_8319IMG_8319 IMG_8439IMG_8439 IMG_8461IMG_8461

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