Scheduled C-Section of Baby Girl {Los Angeles Birth Photographer}

January 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The birth of little Willamina was truly special. This was a scheduled cesarian section, so unlike most births I had a date and time I knew I had to be there. I went in not expecting to be allowed in the surgery room, which remained the case, but the beautiful and miraculous thing that happened was being able to photograph mama and papa meeting baby through a little window that looked into the operating room. The window was in a restricted area and the blinds were closed. I never want to overstep my bounds at hospitals, but I had to ask if there was any way we could watch through the window (I was with the grandma-to-be) and a truly angelic nurse said "no problem" and opened those blinds right up just in time for us to witness Willa being born! Enjoy these special photos that truly show the journey of a scheduled c-section - lots of waiting and anticipation leading to the most incredible love. 

Special thanks to West Hills hospital for being so wonderful!


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